Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proposed Amendment to 8th LLDO by-Laws

Currently, 8th LDDO By-laws are inconsistent with the WSDCC and BCDCC by-laws/rules in not specifying that voting by proxy is permitted. Without such specificity, the issue devolves to RRO, which prohibits proxy voting unless otherwise stipulated.

We want to expand our reach and engagement of the wider membership. Allowing proxy voting helps do that. We have a lot going on that generates voting. Let’s get everyone involved!

BCDCC Rules that stipulate the rules under which proxy voting is permitted under Article XI of the BCDCC By-Laws are:
Voting by proxy shall be permitted in accordance with the following rules:
a. All proxies must be in writing, and either signed by the member or accompanied
by a signed letter attesting to the wishes of the member, and designating who will
vote the proxy.
b. No person will hold more than one general and uninstructed proxy.
c. Proxies are nontransferable.
d. In order to vote a general and uninstructed proxy, the holder must register the
proxy with the Secretary of the Central Committee before a vote is taken
e. All specific and instructed proxies must be registered with the Secretary before a
vote is taken, and shall be tallied for inclusion in the final vote count.
f. The holder of the proxy must reside in Benton County.

 I recommend these be adopted verbatim under Article III of the 8th LD By-Laws.

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