Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Statement by Derek Kilmer (D-WA6)

The debate about repealing the Affordable Care Act is neither disconnected nor distant – it’s about people. Real people who will suffer real consequences if the Republican repeal plan were to pass. 
  • It’s about the breast cancer survivor in Gig Harbor who told me that she's only here because of treatment she received through the Medicaid expansion. 
  • It’s about the mom in Tacoma who was able to make sure that her daughter's bi-polar disorder was treated by keeping her on the family's insurance plan until she was 26. 
  • It’s about all of the seniors I represent that will face premium costs up to 5 times more than younger individuals under the repeal plan.
  • It’s about the 24 million Americans expected to lose their insurance under the Trumpcare plan and for every person who will see their insurance premiums rise – on average 10-15 percent.
  • It’s about women. One in every five women in our country have gotten care from Planned Parenthood, and they may lose access to mammograms, cancer screenings, and primary care if this bill passes.
  • It’s about the 1.3 million people who have received treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders who may lose access to those vital services under this bill.
  • And it’s about the people who will lose access to preventive services from our public health departments because this misguided bill completely eliminates the Center for Disease Control’s Prevention and Public Health Fund.
It’s for all of these people that I will vote no.
There is still plenty we need to do to improve our healthcare system. There are positive changes that can be made to the Affordable Care Act. In fact, I've proposed changes to the law to improve rural health care, enhance affordability for small businesses, and strengthen primary care. 

But Trumpcare doesn't represent progress. Asking people to pay more for less heath care coverage is a move backward.  

Please know that I will keep fighting the fight for the folks I represent. As always, I’m honored to represent you.
- Derek

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