Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Benton County Democrats and 8th LDDO Wednesday Meeting

The Benton County and 8th Legislative District Democrats will hold their regular monthly meeting this coming Wednesday, March 15th, at the union's labor hall on Duportail, just off the bypass in Richland. The 8th LD meets at 6:00 pm followed immediately by the BCDCC at 7:00 pm.

The proposaed 8th LDDO agenda follows:
  1. Call to Order by Chair 6PM
  2. Adoption of Minutes as sent out on March 14th 6:02PM
  3. Adoption of the Agenda 6:04PM
  4. Officer Reports 6:05 PM – 6:25 PM
  5. Treasurer
  6. Secretary
  7. State Committee Woman
  8. State Committee Man
  9. Chair of Activism
  10. Chair of Fundraising
  11. Chair of Elections Vice Chair
  12. Chair Report 6:25 PM
  13. Our Revolution
  14. Candidate/Campaign Training Opportunity
  15. Monthly State Committee Meeting Update
  16. Budget
  17. Good of the Order 6:45 PM
  18. Adjournment 7:00PM
8th Legislative District Meeting Minutes, February 15, 2017

I. Skye called the meeting to order at 6:08 PM on February 15, 2017 at the Laborers Hall 348. A flag salute is conducted.
II. Adoption of the Agenda
Motion is made to adopt the agenda as e-mailed out prior to meeting. Motion carried.
III. Guest Speaker Leo Perales
Leo spoke on the Inclusive Community Resolution in Kennewick. Took questions. Motion made: The 8th LD encourages the cities within our communities to support similar inclusive resolutions. Seconded. Motion passed.
IV. Officer Reports
A) Brent Kirby – Treasurer – 8th LD currently has $2,458 in checking and $375 in savings.
B) Carl Sjostrand – Secretary – Updated body on the previous motion to purchase a recorder. New motion was made for: The 8th LD to purchase of a PA System, with the cost split between the 8th LD and Benton County CC, for use in the meeting space; if Benton County fails to pass the motion to split, the 8th LD covers the cost itself. Seconded. Motion carried.
C) Barbara O’Brien – State Committee Woman – Spoke on the state committee meeting she attended. Full comments are attached. Took questions.
D) Jay Clough – State Committee Man – Also spoke on state meeting. Jay was elected for 4th CD Executive Board, spoke on the state chair election, took questions.
E) Matt Bonomo – Spoke on upcoming DNC elections, state bills SJM 8000 and HJM 4003. Took questions.
V. PCO Outreach Update
Allison Dabler spoke on the need and recruitment of PCOs and further outreach. Took questions.
VI. Chair Report
A) Standing Committees
a. Legislative Candidate Search Committee

i. Nancy Washton appointed as chair. Body votes and approves.
b. Fundraising Committee
i. Angie Mykel appointed as chair. Body votes and

B) Additional Committees a. Bylaws Committee
i. Chuck LoPresti appointed as chair. Body votes and approves.
b. Audit Committee
i. Stacy Cash-Ware is appointed as chair. Body votes and

c. Community Activism Committee

i. Jill Mulhasen is appointed as chair. Body votes and approves.
VII. Good of the Order
  1. A)  Question of committee meeting times/8th LD website.
  2. B)  Reminder to body of Protest Tuesdays at John Dam Plaza.
  3. C)  $229 was collected at the meeting for the 8th LD.
VIII. Adjournment
Skye adjourned meeting at 7:01 PM Minutes submitted by: Carl Sjostrand

The BCDCC agenda follows:

1. Call to order
2. Flag Salute
3. Special order of Business
    *Young Dems food fundraiser
    *Guest Speaker: Indivisible group

4. Report of Committees
    *Labor and Commerce
    *Platform and Legislation

5. Report of the Officers
    *Recording Secretary
    *Vice Chair

6. BCDCC Chairs Report
    *Candidates running for open seats and upcoming elections
    *House Bill 1723
        -Action moving forward
        -Yays and Nays for bill
    *Political Movement moving forward/Together as one!

7. Old Business

8. New business
    *If not having already done so, approve Bylaws, Policy Guide and Rules

9. Good of the order

10. Adjourn

Please review last month's meeting minutes prior to the meeting.

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