Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being David

With a hat tip to Tom Sullivan, his articles got me to thinking. We are not the Goliath here in eastern Washington the way the Democrats are in the West. We can not expect to do things here the way they do it there. We have to adapt to being the little guy in the room. How do we change things, you might ask. First of all, we don't have the power and influence over here to attract the folks who float with the crowd so we should stop acting like we do. Instead, what we have are strong issues and a strong message. The people we are looking for are the fighters. We need the folks who have the gumption to stand up in a crowded room and speak truth to the assumed conventional wisdom that pervades the atmosphere. Being David means to focus our strengths against the places where the Republican Goliath is weak.

If you once lived in fear of a catastrophic medical issue driving you to bankruptcy and now don't because you have insurance for that, come join the Democrats.

If you think that the system is rigged such that hard work goes unrewarded while too much money flows into the pockets of the privileged, come join the Democrats.

If you think it's wrong for profitable corporations to get tax breaks while the working poor pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy, come join the Democrats.

If you think all people are entitled to equal rights regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual preference, come join the Democrats.

If you think there is a difference between a corporation and a person, come join the Democrats.

If you think we have an obligation to hand over this planet to the next generation without pollution and human-induced climate change, come join the Democrats.

Understand that when you join the Democrats in eastern Washington, you will become the nail that sticks up and you may become a target. And fellow eastern Washington Democrats, be prepared to evolve out of your bunker mentality and welcome the new friends that come to join us in are worthy efforts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candidate Ownership

As summarized in the Tri-City Herald, here is a list of who owns the 4th CD candidates.

Dan Newhouse is owned by agri-business, particularly those that oppose GMO labelling.  Total PAC contributions are upwards of $28,000.  His total war chest is $358,014.

Clint Didier has received $5,000 from a gun rights PAC, $2500 from orthopaedic surgeons, and $1500 from Ron Paul's libertarian PAC.  Tricity individuals account for $219,174 of his campaign contributions.

Janea Holmquist gets lots of support from west-side Republicans.  She has raised a total of $171,537 with $5000 from a national electrical contractors PAC, $1500 from sheet metal and air conditioning contractors, and $2500 from a debt collector trade association.

Democrat Estakio Beltran has raised $62,554 with $12,500 from labor unions.  The rest is from local individuals plus a few from Seattle and out of state.

Cicotte has raised $220,606.  Of that, $155,000 is his own money.

Gavin Seim has raised $13,357.

Sandoval, Ramirez, Wright, Stockwell, Midbust, and Pross have not reported.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

State Convention Wrapup

The Washington State Democratic platform as adopted can be found here:

A video of the general session including Governor Jay Inslee's speech can be found on TVW here:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Gun Politics

The Clint Didier campaign is giving away lethal weapons.  An armed society is a peaceful society, except when it isn't.  Unarmed societies must suffer repeated episodes of senseles killing, except that they don't.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Idaho GOP Hits 'Rock Bottom'

Raul Labrador Adjourns Idaho GOP Meeting before it actually does anything.  Infighting between Tea Party supporters and all the other Republicans got ugly.  Sad that this isn't just some small fringe group but it's the state's majority party.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carbon Taxes

In November, the Obama administration set the social cost of carbon dioxide at $37 per ton.  Many argue that that figure is too low. 

The recent IPCC report estimates that it would take $0.15/kg of CO2 to solve the climate change problem.  If I do my math right, that works out to be a little less that $150/ per ton.

The British Columbia carbon tax experiment at a rate of $30 per ton has proven to be a success.  Carbon emissions are down without any severe economic impacts despite the poor economy.  Note that there are special provisions in the BC law that mitigate the economic impact on low income households.

That puts a framework around it.  We can start moving the right direction with a $30/ton figure.  But to really solve the problem we need to get closer to the $150/ton level.  With the higher taxes, there should be sufficient economic incentive for carbon sequestration efforts to begin to pay off.

The Citizens Climate Lobby has produced legislation that starts with a $20/ton tax with an annual increase in the rate.  Unlike the BC law, only 60% of the proceeds are returned to the taxpayers with 25% going into the general fund and 10-15% going towards green energy subsidies.

You can see the Congressional horse-trading in these provisions.  BC's law was revenue neutral with all the proceeds being pushed back to the taxpayers.  It's too bad that a good bill like this has to suffer extortion by special interests.