8th LDDO Bylaws, adopted May 15, 2013



The name of this organization is the 8th Legislative District Democratic Organization (8th LDDO).


The 8th LDDO is a legislative district organization of the Democratic Party, organized according to state law and the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington (WSDCC).  If any part of these bylaws conflicts with the rules established by the Democratic Party of the State of Washington, the WSDCC rules shall prevail.

As the body responsible for conducting Democratic Party affairs at the legislative district level, the 8th LDDO shall foster and promote the principles of democracy as set forth by the Party.  Among its principal duties are: recruiting candidates for the partisan races in the 8th LD, supporting nominated candidates in their efforts to win election to the legislature, building the Party organization in the 8th LD, and organizing and holding a legislative district caucus in even-numbered years.


Section 1 - Elected and appointed precinct committee officers (PCOs), based on state law.  State law sets forth the election of major political party PCOs.  In each voting precinct there is a single Democratic Party PCO seat.  The office of PCO is voted upon at the primary election in each even-numbered year.  The statewide general election follows in November and then, no later than the second Saturday of the following January, the county central committee meets for the purpose of reorganization.  After this biennial county organizational meeting, the county chair may fill vacant PCO seats by appointment.  Both elected and appointed PCOs must be registered voters in the precincts they represent (RCW 29A.28.071).

Section 2 - Acting PCOs.  The Bylaws of the Benton County Democratic Central Committee (BCDCC) authorize appointment by the county chair of “acting PCOs” as well as the statutory appointed PCOs of Section 1, above.  An Acting PCO may be appointed to fill the position of a PCO in a precinct in which he/she does or does not reside. The number of Acting PCOs per precinct shall not be limited. Acting PCOs must be residents of Benton County.”  (BCDCC Bylaws, Article IV)

Section 3 - Membership Composition.  The following are members of the 8th LDDO:

·         Elected and appointed PCOs representing 8th LD precincts.

·         Acting PCOs assigned to 8th LD precincts.

·         Officers of the 8th LDDO.

·         Chairs of 8th LDDO standing and special committees.

·         Chair of the BCDCC.

·         Chair of the Fourth Congressional District Democratic Committee.

·         Democratic officeholders elected to partisan offices who reside in the 8th LD.

Section 4 - Only elected and appointed PCOs may vote on certain matters.  The Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party state that “only elected precinct committee officers and precinct committee officers appointed after the organizational meeting shall vote for district chair, vice chair, state committeewoman, state committeeman and any representative the legislative district organization is authorized to send to other Party organizations, and on the adoption or amendment of bylaws.”  (WSDCC Bylaws, Article IX)

Section 5 - Only elected PCOs may vote at the reorganizational meeting.  State law prescribes a biennial legislative district reorganizational meeting of elected PCOs.  (See Article VII, “Meetings,” below.)

Section 6 – Member equality.  Aside from the special voting privileges of elected and appointed PCOs stated in Sections 4 and 5, above, all the 8th LDDO members in Section 3, above, shall enjoy equal opportunity of participation and voting.


Officers are elected at the biennial 8th LDDO organizational meeting.  (See also Article III, Section 5, above.)  Vacancies will be filled by election at an 8th LDDO meeting.  (See also Article III, Section 4, above.)  Ten days’ written notice shall be given.

Chair - The Chair shall be the executive and official spokesperson of the 8th LDDO, shall direct the activities of the Executive Board in carrying out the programs and policies of the 8th LDDO, shall call and preside at all meetings of the 8th LDDO and of its Executive Board, and shall appoint standing and special committees subject to the approval of the 8th LDDO. The Chair shall be ex officio a member of every 8th LDDO committee.

Vice-Chair - The Vice-Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be custodian of funds belonging to the 8th LDDO and arrange for payment of authorized expenses and shall prepare and file public disclosure forms as appropriate.

Secretary - The Secretary shall take minutes of meetings of the 8th LDDO, shall conduct authorized correspondence, and shall preserve the records of the 8th LDDO.

8th LD State Committeewoman - The 8th LD State Committeewoman shall represent the 8th LDDO in the State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC).

8th LD State Committeeman - The 8th LD State Committeeman shall represent the 8th LDDO in the WSDCC.


The Executive Board shall assist the Chair in implementing the programs and policies of the 8th LDDO. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers identified in Article IV, the chairs of all 8th LDDO standing and special committees, and the BCDCC Chair.  Four members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Board.


There shall be a Fundraising Committee, a Legislative Candidate Search Committee, and such

other committees, standing and special, as shall be recommended by the Chair and approved by the 8th LDDO. The 8th LDDO Chair shall appoint committee chairs and membership, subject to the approval of the 8th LDDO.


Fundraising Committee - The Fundraising Committee shall plan and carry out fundraising

activities, subject to the approval of the 8th LDDO.

Legislative Candidate Search Committee - The Legislative Candidate Search Committee shall

seek out Democratic candidates for 8th LD State Senator and 8th LD State Representatives.          


Section 1 – Regular meetings.  The 8th LDDO shall have a minimum of four regular meetings a year. The date, time, and place of the next meeting shall be decided upon and a regular order of business shall be conducted.

If two successive regular meetings are not held, any two officers may call a meeting, provided

that due notice is distributed to all members at least ten days prior to the meeting date. In the event that the officers fail to call such a meeting, a petition with the signatures of ten Precinct Committee Officers to any officer to do so shall be mandatory, and failure of the officers to act within ten days shall automatically authorize the petitioners to call a meeting, provided that a notice is distributed to all members at least ten days prior to the meeting date. In the absence of a Chair or Vice-Chair, the top signer shall act as temporary chair of the meeting.

Section 2 – Special meetings.  The Chair or Executive Board may call special meetings.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.  Ten days’ notice shall be given.  An emergency meeting may be called without the ten-day notice provided that a good faith effort is made to notify all members prior to the meeting.

Section 3 – Reorganizational meeting.  The biennial 8th LDDO reorganizational meeting is prescribed by state law:  “Within forty-five days after the statewide general election in even-numbered years, the county chair of each major political party shall call separate meetings of all elected precinct committee officers in each legislative district for the purpose of electing a legislative district chair in such district.” (RCW 29A.80.061)  The Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party state, “At the organizational meeting, the legislative district organization shall elect a chair, a vice chair, a state committeewoman, a state committeeman and any representatives it is authorized to send to other Party organizations.”  (WSDCC Bylaws, Article IX)

Section 4 – Quorum.  Ten members, at least seven of whom shall be PCOs, shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5 – Meeting calls.  Email may be used in sending written notice of meetings, except mail shall be used for any member who requests it.

Section 6.  8th LDDO meetings shall be open to the public.


The 8th LDDO shall adopt a budget, but shall make no financial commitment binding the organization beyond the next general election in an even-numbered year. The Treasurer, Chair, and Vice-Chair may make disbursement of funds within the approved budget. Disbursement of funds not within the approved budget may be made only after approval of the 8th LDDO.  At the beginning of each biennium or upon any change in Treasurer (should an elected treasurer be replaced), an Audit Committee shall be appointed to review and report on the 8th LDDO financial records for the prior biennium.


The latest revision of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of the 8th LDDO where applicable and when not in conflict with these bylaws.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of eligible members present at any regular

meeting of the 8th LDDO.  (See also Article III, Section 4, above.)  The call of the meeting shall contain the text of the proposed amendment(s).  Ten days’ notice shall be given.

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