Monday, January 30, 2017

Postcards the Easy Way

I'm preparing postcards to send to members of congress (MoC). Postcards should get through screening quicker than letters in envelopes, although both go through a lengthy screening process. If your issue is urgent, phone calls are best. Your MoC web page contact form is next best. But a whole bunch of postcards flooding into MoC offices makes it's own statement.

Because I expect to address a number of issues over the next four years, I purchased a kit to preprint MoC addresses, and my return address. You can also print your message on the back of the card, but I think handwriting the message is more effective.

The product I'm using is Avery, Textured White Postcards, Template 3380. They meet U.S. Postal Regulations. Avery provides a free app to customize the template. It's straightforward, easy to use, and convenient.

If you need help, give me a cal: 509-546-1420.

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