Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ideas for Action

Check out Jennifer Hofmann's blog for a very comprehensive rundown of ideas and information on activisim in the era of Trump. Jennifer is a multi-talented writer and explorer, who includes in her activities a weekly action checklist for "Americans of Conscience."

Here's how Jennifer starts you out.

Gear up for the next 652 days to the midterm elections.
Print out this worksheet for the steps below:
  1. Put your representative’s name, local phone, DC phone, address, and email on the worksheet or your phone. Get them here.
  2. Put your two senators’ names, local phones, DC phones, addresses, and email addresses there too. Get them here.
  3. Get a pile of postcards (or sheets of 110lb cardstock to make your own) and 34-cent postcard stamps. Snail mail is the new response to full voice mailboxes.
  4. Decide on your “Top Three” most-important issues. Focusing on just a few issues will prevent overwhelm. Consider choosing at least one issue that doesn’t affect you personally. #Top3
  5. Have a conversation with yourself and/or beloved others about how you want to give time and/or treasure to your Top Three.
  6. Set aside time each week to be active. 20-60 minutes is a good range. Add this to your calendar. You might consider doing your actions with others for support and community.
Go for it!

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