Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Call to Action: Affordable Care Act CANCELLED


Call to Action

Tell Congressman Dan Newhouse you want health care for all when he tours a facility in Granger tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18th.  Bring signs and dress warm.  It's the Yakima Neighborhood Health Family Medical and Dental Clinic in Granger, 111 Main Street.

Be there from 1 - 2:15pm.   (Newhouse tours from 1:30 to 2)

Congressman Newhouse voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but has offered no comparable replacement for the millions of Americans now depending on the ACA for access to care. 

For car pooling, meet at the Target parking lot in Queensgate area of Richland close to the front door at noon.  We will take off close to 12 noon so get there early.

Please share this information.

And if you're unable to join us, please call the Congressman's office to relay your support for health care for all.
Congressman Dan Newhouse
TriCities (509) 713-7374
Yakima (509) 452-3243
Washington DC (202) 225-5816

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