Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Note From Lora Rathbone Suggesting Actions We Can Take Now

Hi Everyone;

Here are some issues that need attention this week. Since it’s early in the process, it may be best to just ask for support on the issue rather than give bill numbers. The easiest thing to do is to call the legislative hotline: let them know your name and address, and they’ll forward the message to our legislators. Call: 1-800-562-600

For more info, go to  and

Voting Rights/Campaign Financing
Several bills will be heard this Wednesday. TODAY.  While we see greater public concern for the influence of big money special interests on politics, we also see those same interests taking advantage of loopholes in the law to not only contribute massive sums of money, but to do so without any public disclosure. Allowing this massive flow of "dark money" presents a serious threat to our democracy. Your legislators have an opportunity to do something to stop that flow by passing the Washington State DISCLOSE Act (SB5219), and SB5108 to shine light on contributions between political committees. (LWV WA)

Gun Safety
HB 1134 and (SB 5050) ban the sale of military-style assault weapons and to limit the size of ammunition clips. Access to assault weapons in Washington is problematic and has resulted in tragic mass shootings in Washington and the US. As assault weapons are considered a long gun for hunting, they can be legally purchased by persons as young as 18 and released to the buyer immediately after a simple background check. Pistols on the other hand require training, an extensive background check by law enforcement meaning a waiting period of around ten days normally, and a minimum age of 21. (LWV WA)

HB1048  It extends renewable energy tax incentives through 2021; increases low income individual participation in renewable energy programs; requires solar module recycling or “take back.”

HB1233 Aligns utility revenue incentives with the current need to conserve energy in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Dakota Access Project
You can find all 17 banks supporting the Dakota Access Project and their contact information in this YES! Magazine article: In order to get this link to work, you need to click on it and another line will appear underneath. It should put you through to the article by double clicking on that. If you should happen to contact US Bank, the person whose name I was given by my local bank is Dana Ripley. Haven't been able to get through yet. Here's what the Oceti Sakowin youth advise for a possible script:

“As a customer of [bank name] I was upset to learn that you are financially invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatens the water and livelihood of the Standing Rock Sioux and the thousands of people who live along the Missouri River. I’m calling to ask that you withdraw your financial support of and stake in the project immediately.”

LaDonna said the Oceti Sakowin camp will be closing in February, leaving Sacred Stone, her camp, and Rosebud + a new one will be locating right in Cannonball. I don't know truly how many camps there have been. Some are certainly continuing to hang in there. Wanted to let you know there's a web site for Sacred Stone. It's Donations to that camp can be sent to Sacred Stone Camp, PO Box 1011, Ft. Yates ND 58538.



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