Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In Case You Missed It

The 2016 Election results are in. Benton County voters went in a big way for Donald Trump, favoring a man his own Republican Party stalwarts called unqualified and unfit to be President, by 59% to 33% over Hillary Clinton.

Among 3rd party candidates, Gary 'What's an Aleppo' Johnson garnered 6% of the vote, cast by republicans who just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a lying, cheating, confidence man.

Senator Patty Murray, a long-time friend of our region, lost in our county to Chris Vance, former Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, and one of the few republican candidates with the courage to refuse to endorse Trump. Murray won statewide, of course.

Incumbent Dan Newhouse edged out Superbowl Ring Wearer, Clint Didier, 54% to 46%, leaving Didier to ponder his next elective office run.

Governor Jay Inslee was soundly defeated in Benton County by Bill Bryant, 62% to 38%. Inslee won statewide, leaving county republicans once again calling for secession from the liberal-left West.

One surprise was incumbent AG Bob Ferguson winning the vote in Benton County, 55% to 45%, over little-known Libertarian candidate Joshua B Trumbell, who stressed his experience working in his father's auto body shop.

Rebecca Francik and Gary Downing both lost their races for 16th LD seats 1 and 2, respectively, by similar 40+% margins. They worked exceptionally hard in their campaigns, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for running.

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