Monday, November 7, 2016

48 Hours

PCOs and Precinct Leaders:

Yesterday’s big GOTV rally in Pasco was great!  Thank you, Gov. Jay Inslee and Sen. Patty Murray, for all you do!  Tony Ramirez (WA Democrats’ Coordinated Campaign; UA Local 598, 1328 N 28th Ave, Pascoantonio@wavictory16.org509-790-8556) is conducting our ground game’s final phase masterfully.  I asked for a Kennewick list and was sent to the apartment complexes on N. Arthur St. east and south of Kamiakin H.S.  (This is in Precinct W1-P646, which, as it happens, is within half a mile of my home precinct, Yellowstone, and does not have a precinct leader!)  It was great seeing voters in Precinct W1-P646 eyes light up when we reminded them what a safe, sound alternative to Donald Trump is available to them, in our party’s standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton!  

As a precinct leader, you have a specific responsibility to get out the vote in your precinct!  The 8th LDDO’s concise voting guide, attached, is extremely useful now, in this final phase of GOTV.  A person may be very eager to exercise the franchise (and help us make history!), yet lead a busy life and find the 144-page Voter’s Pamphlet daunting.  The attached concise list – a single sheet of paper yields six – is “just the ticket” for enabling them to vote!  Your constituents will really appreciate knowing where their local Democratic Party stands on these five initiatives and ten offices.
NOTE:  Along with the Presidency and other offices at the top of the ballot, it can be persuasive to emphasize our support for the well-known and important initiatives I-1433 (Raise the Minimum Wage) and I-735 (Get Big Money Out Of Elections, Citizens United).  In addition to 10 or 20 of the little 8th LDDO endorsement slips, carry with you a copy of the Voter’s Pamphlet, so you can provide details.

If you need anything, please contact me or the GOTV Coordinator for your area, see below.  Thank you for doing your part in this historic 2016 election!  

John Christenson, Chair
8th Legislative District Democratic Organization
(509) 783-0282  home

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