Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Local Hero

Neil Norman Manning the Benton County Democrats Booth at the Fair
I have in my short association with the 8th Legislative District Democratic Organization (8LDDO), and the Benton County Democratic Central Committee (BCDCC) met many smart, committed, hardworking democrats. They put their heart and soul into this 2016 Election. I would like to exercise my literary license to recognize one in particular for whom I have the greatest admiration and affection -- Neil A Norman.

That's Neil in the photo manning our booth at the 2016 Benton County Fair. It was a very hot day, as you may remember. Neil took the shift starting at 1230, and stood the entire time talking with fair goers -- pitching the democratic message. Becky Voll took on the daunting task of organizing our appearance at this year's fair.

Neil came up with the idea and wrote (with help from others, mostly Chuck Lopresti) the bi-weekly PCO Newsletter, keeping us informed and motivated through the latter stages of the election.

Neil walked his precinct time and again, canvassing for democratic candidates. He put up his "Ready for Hillary" sign three or four times, raising it higher and higher on the garage to avoid it getting torn down every time.

Neil served on a number of committees, including; the Platform Committee, the Climate Committee, and the Nuclear Committee.

He helped the 8th LD Chair plan for the campaign and recruit PCOs.

Neil was always ready to offer assistance and advice to newcomers, and old timers alike.

Neil is an exemplar of our Democratic Party.

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