Saturday, November 5, 2016

Get Out the Vote Using VoteBuilder

8th LD PCOs and Precinct Leaders:

I encourage you to take part in tomorrow’s mass GOTV event in Pasco, but I want to remind you of your special responsibility to get out the vote in the precinct where you serve!

One of the fundamental duties of a PCO or Precinct Leader is to deliver the votes of identified Democrats in the precinct.  Now is the time when this must be done!  If you canvassed your precinct earlier this year, you have a long list of residents whom you judge likely to vote Democratic.  If you did not canvass, you can go by the “Likely Party” data in VoteBuilder.  The goal now is to get as many as possible of the voters on your list to vote and turn in their ballots by Election Day.

VoteBuilder can tell you which voters on your list have cast ballots so far, enabling you to focus in on the remainder.  This requires the use of VoteBuilder’s “Early Voting” search criteria.  If you need help using Early Voting in VoteBuilder, or you don’t have your own VoteBuilder account, contact either me or the GOTV Coordinator assigned your precinct, see below.

As an example, consider my precinct, Yellowstone.  Every night after the Benton County Election Dept. closes, Monday through Saturday, the staff outputs a computer file showing which voters have cast their ballots.  They send a copy of this file to our State Party office, where the data are loaded into VoteBuilder.  Today, VoteBuilder showed the voters whose ballots were received through yesterday, Thursday, 11/3.  Here were the Early Voting numbers, day by day, for Yellowstone Precinct:
Monday, 10/24 – 14
Tuesday, 10/25 – 12
Wednesday, 10/26 – 11
Thursday, 10/27 – 22
Friday, 10/28 – 10
Saturday, 10/29 – 16
Monday, 10/31 – 14
Tuesday, 11/1 – 9
Wednesday, 11/2 – 7
Thursday, 11/3 – 6
In toto, this accounts for 121 of Yellowstone Precinct’s 313 registered voters.  Those among the 121 who are on my list of identified Democrats, I can now cross off my list.  After the election I will thank them for voting early:  they have enabled the Democratic Party to do its GOTV work faster and helped Democratic candidates to win!

I have defined four Get Out The Vote areas in the 8th LD and named an area Coordinator in each.  GOTV Coordinators will monitor and coordinate the GOTV activities of the PCOs and Precinct Leaders in their territories.
Kennewick Ward 1.  26 precincts in the City of Kennewick’s Ward 1.  GOTV Coordinator:  Brent Kirby, Precinct W1-P665 Precinct Leader;; (509) 396-7620.
Kennewick Ward 3.  21 precincts in the City of Kennewick’s Ward 3.  GOTV Coordinator:  Yvonne Aguilar, Precinct W3-P555 PCO;; (509) 240-2199.
Richland North.  37 Richland precincts north of the Columbia River.  GOTV Coordinator:  Brandi Baker, Precinct 186 Precinct Leader;; (509) 859-9715.
West Richland.  19 West Richland precincts WR 1-WR 17, Enterprise, Harrington.  GOTV Coordinator:  Kate Moran, Precinct WR 13 PCO;; (636) 443-5583.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our GOTV Coordinators:  Yvonne Aguilar, Brandi Baker, Brent Kirby, and Kate Moran.  The areas they serve comprise 104 of the 8th LD’s 175 precincts, a large share.  They are giving a very significant boost to our GOTV efforts!

Thank you, too, for Getting Out The Vote in your precinct!

John Christenson, Chair
8th Legislative District Democratic Organization

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