Thursday, May 11, 2017

White House Memo -- Is it a Joke?!

In order to restore the public confidence in the FBI, President Donald J. Trump accepted the recommendation of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and removed FBI Director James Comey from his position yesterday. It was a necessary move to reinstitute faith in America’s crown jewel of law enforcement after a series of high profile and political missteps. The search for new leadership that restores public trust and confidence in the FBI's vital law enforcement mission will begin immediately.


10:30AM: President Trump meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
No, this is an actual White House memo emailed to me b/c I subscribe. Why? b/c you can't believe everything the "fake news" tells you, so you have to hear it from the horse's mouth (or another part of his anatomy).

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