Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Redress of Grievances

Will Crow, VP of Act Yakima and protest organizer
I drove to Yakima to join a dozen or so people holding an “Accountability Protest” in Yakima today. Act Yakima organized the protest.

We stood on the corner holding our handmade signs seeking a “redress of grievances." It was a diverse group. The man on my left was a Vietnam veteran. He worried for survival of the Republic. The man on my right had his two young nephews with him. Their tee shirts promoted equality. I commented on a woman’s artistic sign showing a blond-haired shark eating Lady Liberty. A woman next to her leaned in and pronounced proudly, “I’m 72 years old!”

The reaction of motorists was mixed, with some thumbs up, some thumbs down, and some displaying other digits. One beat-up Hummer slowed, the window rolled down, and a man yelled, “You lost! Get over it!”
The lack of awareness in this reaction to what I hope are continuing protests is startling and distressing. Those of us protesting Donald Trump are doing so not because “We lost,” but because we were conned. Mr. Trump took an oath to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” He is violating that oath. As a result, we all lose.

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