Saturday, February 25, 2017

Where's Dan?!

A whole lot of citizens held an open air town hall at WSU-TC this afternoon hoping for a glimpse of the guy who ostensibly represents them in Congress, Dan Newhouse (WA-4). It was sunny, but cold, and some folks pulled down their pink knit caps to ward off the chill.

A slight breeze billowed the American Flag as the assembled constituents said the Pledge of Allegiance. Then one-by-one people stepped forward to ask questions of the man who wasn't there.

Despite numerous requests for public interaction with his constituents, Rep Dan Newhouse has, to date, failed to schedule a single such forum during the Congressional recess. If you spot him skulking around somewhere, call the citizens’ hotline at 509 WTH's Dan?!

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Charles Lo Presti, Richland WA said...

I heard informally that Congressman Dan Newhouse had to be in Olympia Saturday, the day of the impromptu town hall meeting. I was disappointed that he was unable to hold a town hall meeting that he could attend during the week. The Saturday event was orderly, and peaceful, and there did not appear to be any paid protestors nor agents provocateurs. I was there the whole event. Many people spoke their piece, and I have the impression that it was all recorded or videotaped and will be sent to our good Congressman's office. -Chuck Lo Presti