Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Message from Senator Patty Murray on Nominee Betsy DeVos

We have some huge news:

Thousands and thousands of Americans have been calling and writing to their senators to voice their concerns about Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. And Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins heard you.

They're the first Senate Republicans to publicly state they plan to vote NO on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary when her vote goes to the floor of the Senate -- which could happen in the next couple days.

This means we just need one more Republican to stand with Democrats to defeat Betsy DeVos!

Senators Collins and Murkowski both referred to the fact that they heard from so many people like you -- so your voice is being heard and it's making a huge difference. But we can't stop now!

Everyone needs to hear this news! This is because of all of your hard work -- share Patty's Facebook post right now and let your friends and family know their calls are working!

[Look at the prior post on this blog for specific senators to contact. If they aren't your senator, contact a friend who's a constituent and ask them to call. DO IT NOW!]

We have a chance to send a message to President Trump. Let's fight for strong public schools -- and let's fight against Betsy DeVos!

This is our last chance, so let's make it count.


Team Patty

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