Thursday, February 2, 2017

Betsy DeVos Nomination

The Vote count on Betsy DeVos is TIED!

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have come out in opposition to Trump’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos – proof that calling Congress can make a difference and change the minds of elected officials!

With the Democrats opposing DeVos, the vote count is now tied 50-50! Currently Vice President Mike Pence can break that tie to confirm DeVos, but if we can flip one more Republican Senator, we can defeat this nomination.

The Republicans remaining most likely to flip to oppose DeVos are Dean Heller of Nevada, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Deb Fischer of Nebraska. We need to call their offices and let them know that DeVos’ priorities – cutting education funding, privatizing schools, and attacking teachers – are wrong for our schools and students.

Office of Sen. Dean Heller – 202-224-6244 or 702-388-6605
Office of Sen. Jeff Flake - 202-224-4521 or 602-840-1891
Office of Sen. Deb Fischer - (202) 224-6551 or (402) 441-4600

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