Sunday, June 18, 2017

Washington State Government Shutdown Looming

With Republicans continuing to block passage of a state budget that fully funds education and essential state services, state government is heading towards the brink of a government shutdown.

The legislature needs to pass a budget by July 1st or the government will halt nearly all of its services. We need to force Republicans to come to the bargaining table so the legislature can come to an agreement on a budget and we can all avoid an unnecessary, costly, and potentially dangerous government shutdown.

More than half of the state's 50,000 employees will be on indefinite stay-home status.

There will be skeleton crews in Public Health Labs to conduct newborn screenings and assess potentially fatal biological threats and chemical exposures.

HIV client services will be suspended.

Sex offenders who are currently on round-the-clock GPS monitoring will cease to be monitored.

Fish hatcheries — home to millions of salmon, trout and steelhead who rely on the Department of Fish and Wildlife to feed them — are slated to close.

Washington State Parks sent notices of possible cancelation to some 10,112 people who have reserved space to recreate in the parks during the first week of July.

State Opportunity Grants for fall quarter will cease to be available to students at universities and community colleges.

And if you're mad enough to shoot someone about this, forget it; No new gun licenses will be issued.

Call your legislators at the legislative hotline – 1-800-562-6000 – and tell them Republicans need to come to the table so we can fund schools and avoid a shutdown.

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