Saturday, June 24, 2017

Meet the BCDCC Elections Committee

Based on Elections Committee Report at the BCDCC Meeting Wednesday, 6/21/2017

Sandra Vantine-Murray, a co-chair of the BCDCC Elections Committee, reported on the establishment and conduct of operations of the newly-formed committee. This committee replaced the original committee of Heidi Hill and Christine Brown, after Christine decided to throw her hat in the ring for the 4th Congressional District seat.

Members of the Elections Committee were drawn from the Honey Hive: Tri-Cities Huddle Network Facebook group. Sandra co-chairs with Jennifer Ruth Keller. The remaining five members are: Barb Chen, Amanda Jenel, Amber Key, Laura Molu, and Ruth Wolberg.

The committee's charter is to identify potential candidates for public office who exemplify the progressive beliefs and values that define our 8th LD, Benton County, and Democratic Party generally. In essence, the committee performs the due diligence that we as individuals often fail to undertake until ballots are due.

The committee’s identification of potential candidates does not constitute an “endorsement” by the 8th LD or BCDCC of any particular candidate. Any person who identifies as a Democrat, is registered as such, and is otherwise qualified, may bring their intended candidacy before the committee, or directly to the executive board. As always, the Executive Board will comply with Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) rules for the selection of democratic candidates.

The Elections Committee advices all democratic candidates for partisan office on the requirements and procedures for running for public office.

In addition, the Elections Committee has jurisdiction over voter registration. Working with and through the Organization Committee and PCOs, they are responsible for encouraging, promoting, supporting, and carrying out voter registration efforts.

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