Friday, December 16, 2016

County and District Reorganizations

The Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party require all County and Legislative District Parties to reorganize in the December or January following an even-year general election. At a Reorganization Meeting, Precinct Committee Officers elected during the most recent primary elect a new Chair, new Vice Chairs, and new State Committee members for the organization. Other officers may be elected and additional party business may be conducted.

The Benton County Democratic Central Committee (BCDCC), and the 8th Legislative District Democratic Organization (8LDDO) will meet at the Richland Public Library beginning at 1:30 on January 7, 2017. The Benton County reorganization meeting will be first. Upon its conclusion, the 8th Legislative District reorganization meeting will convene. 

Elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) are strongly encouraged to attend both the County and Legislative District reorganization meetings. This is an especially important meeting for elected PCOs. According to our rules, elected PCOs are the only ones who can vote on the new set of officers that will be elected on the 7th.

Both the BCDCC and the 8LDDO will elect chairs, vice chairs, secretaries, and treasurers. In addition, each organization will elect a state committee man and a state committee woman. These four newly elected State Committee Members will meet in the last weekend of January to reorganize the State Party.

At later regular meetings, the new chairs will appoint committee chairs and membership, subject to support of the body. The committees undertake essential work for the organizations, and are responsible for recommending actions to be taken by the organization as a whole.

The BCDCC has six standing committees:
  1. Finance
  2. Organization
  3. Outreach
  4. Candidate Development
  5. Voter Registration
  6. Platform (added in 2016)
The  8th LD has two standing committees: Fundraising, and Legislative Candidate Search.

Chairs of standing committees are members of the respective organization's Executive Boards. The Executive Boards shall assist the chairs in implementing the programs and policies of the BCDCC and 8th LDDO.

Members interested in taking on these essential duties and responsibilities at the committee level should speak with the chairs, and with other members of the Executive Board.

Finally, the BCDCC and 8th LDDO will reexamine their bylaws, rules, and policies and propose amendments as determined necessary by the body as a whole. This is a crucial step in ensuring your party organization operates in an open, democratic, efficient manner.

Every PCO should take it upon themselves to review these documents and be prepared to propose and/or discuss proposed changes. It is quite likely that our governing rules will be examined as an early priority of the new leadership.

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Cedar Kennedy said...

Do those people wishing to run for any of these positions have to declare and file their candidacies 10 before reorg? If so, where and how? Than you.