Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Called Rep Dan Newhouse & Urged Him to Support an Independent Investigation

This is his response. What do you think of it?

Dear Dr. Badalamente,

          Thank you for contacting my office with concerns about Russia’s influence over the Trump Administration.  It is important to hear from constituents as I work in Congress representing the people of Washington’s 4th District.  I sincerely appreciate you reaching out and sharing your views on this important issue.          

As you may be aware, prior to leaving office, the Obama Administration cited evidence that during the election Russia was involved with cyber-attacks on the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, and other individuals and entities.  Some information that was obtained in these hacks was made public.  There is no evidence that voting machines were tampered with, but it is unacceptable to have any foreign government involved in our elections.  I believe we must do all we can to get to address these cyberattacks, and continue to investigate.       

You may be pleased to know that the FBI is investigating Russia’s potential role in last year’s elections and any potential ties between Trump officials and Russia.  Additionally, the Senate and House Intelligence Committee have promised to thoroughly investigate any contacts between Trump aides and the Kremlin.  In fact, the House Intelligence Committee has been conducting a long ongoing investigation into Russian activities since last year. It started before the election with concerns about Russia’s cyber activities and since the election the committee has broadened the scope of the investigation to include any involvement by Russia into our election, and any ties of Russian officials to any U.S. government official at any level.

In fact, the Intelligence Committee wants to know about any American citizens coordinating with the Russians.  Chairman Nunes and Ranking Member Schiff have, in a bipartisan manner, announced the parameters of their investigation, which you may learn more about by going to http://intelligence.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=767.  Despite the leaks, we must be careful to ensure this classified investigation can continue.

While it is premature to prejudge the investigation, if our intelligence professionals uncover serious crimes, we must consider the appointment of a special prosecutor.  I believe that Congress has an obligation to protect our country from any foreign threats, and I will be sure to monitor these investigations as they are conducted.
 I hope you will continue to be in contact as Congress debates the many issues of importance to the country. I also encourage you to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and to sign up for my e-newsletter for the latest updates on my work to represent Central Washington’s views in our nation’s capital. 

Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns with me—I am always glad to hear from constituents of the 4th District. It is an honor and privilege to serve you in Congress.

Dan Newhouse
Member of Congress

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