WSDCC Information for Candidates

December 16, 2010

From: Jaxon Ravens, Executive Director

RE: Election Information for Candidate

If you are running for election as an officer of the State Central Committee the State Party will

send out on email on your behalf and at a time of your choosing to Chairs, Vice Chairs and State

Committee Members.

The State Party will also send out an email on your behalf the week before the State Central

Committee reorganization meeting on Saturday, January 29th.

In addition, the State Party will provide candidates with a list of the names, addresses and

phone numbers of newly elected State Central Committee members. This list will be updated

on a regular basis as results of the elections at County and Legislative District reorganization

meetings are received.

If you have any questions about these policies and procedures please contact me at

(206) 583-0664 or

1 Rules for the Election of

2 State Democratic Party Officers

3 (Approved by the WSDCC on January 24, 2009)



6 Pursuant to the Charter and the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington, the

7 officers of the State Central Committee (SCC) shall be elected for two-year terms at the first

8 meeting of the SCC in the odd-numbered years following the general election. The officers of

9 the SCC are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The following rules shall apply to

10 such elections:


12 In the event of a vacancy in an office, the office may be filled by election at any regular or

13 special meeting of the SCC, provided the written notice of the proposed election has been

14 deposited in the mail, postage prepaid, to each member of the SCC at least fifteen (15) days in

15 advance of the meeting.


17 1. The elections for the four Party officers shall be nominated, counted and announced

18 separately. The elections shall be held in the following order: Chair, Vice-Chair,

19 Secretary, and Treasurer.


21 2. The officers of the SCC need not be members of the SCC. Candidates must be

22 resident, registered voters of the State of Washington. A candidate need not be

23 present to be elected but if not present must have filed a letter of intent with the State

24 Chair prior to the meeting at which the elections will be held.


26 3. All candidates for Party officer shall be nominated and seconded by members of the

27 SCC. Each candidate may use up to five (5) minutes on his or her behalf for

28 nominating and seconding speeches and a speech by the candidate, to include the

29 time spent by the temporary chair in reading the letter for a candidate not in

30 attendance. The five (5) minutes may be allocated at the candidate’s discretion.


32 4. After all candidates for one of the above-listed Party offices are nominated, the State

33 Central Committee shall vote as follows: a ballot to be counted must be signed, and

34 clearly state one (1) name of a properly nominated candidate for that office. In order

35 to be elected, a candidate must have a majority of the votes of those casting valid

36 ballots. A candidate who receives a majority on the first ballot and is the highest vote

37 getter shall be declared elected. If no candidate receives a majority of the first ballot,

38 then there shall be a runoff election between the two (2) highest vote getters for that

39 office. Voting on the runoff ballot shall be the same as the first ballot. If only one (1)

40 candidate is nominated for an office, voting shall be by voice.




44 The Washington State Democratic Central Committee “PASSED” these rules at their meeting

45 held on January 24, 2009 in Olympia.