Thursday, January 21, 2010

Website stuff

A Yahoo! group has been created for the 8th LD. See the link to the left. Its function is to provide a space to share files and discussion threads as we may find need. Right now it is visible to all but once we begin to use it for real I will close it down to members-only so we can have some privacy.

Meanwhile this blog and the Facebook group will remain open to all viewers.

2010 Reboot

The election season is upon us. The implicit charter of the 8th Legislative District Democrats is to provide support for our candidate(s). And especially after today's Supreme Court decision that means money. In addition to money it means being the opposition voice to the incumbents. I'm going to be working on establishing a way for interested persons and organizations to make direct donations via the web and other means to the 8th LD Democrats.

I'm also looking for volunteers to assist in examining the records and positions of Larry Haler and Brad Klippert. We need to do our best to inform our electorate as a balance to their own rhetoric.

I realize I'm doing this unilaterally without much discussion with the committee so I'll welcome any comments from interested individuals.