Minutes for June 15, 2016

Regular Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2016
The regular meeting of the 8th Legislative District Democratic Organization was called to order at 6:10 p.m., June 15, 2016, at the Laborers’ Local 348 Hall, 2505 Duportail St., Richland, by Chair John Christenson.  The Chair asked Richard Reuther to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Adoption of agenda:
The agenda had been distributed by email the afternoon of the meeting, at about 4:15 PM.  Doug McKinley moved to add to the agenda a vote by the body whether or not to endorse his candidacy for United States Congress.  The motion passed.  It was moved that, with this addition, the agenda be approved as distributed by email.  The motion passed.
Approval of May 16 meeting minutes: 
The minutes of the 4/20 meeting had been distributed by email on 5/16.  Motion to approve the minutes as distributed was made, seconded and passed.
Presentation by Pat McCarthy, candidate for State Auditor: 
Pat McCarthy, County Executive in Pierce County, discussed her candidacy and answered questions for us.  She is the first woman ever elected Pierce  County Executive and would be the first woman State Auditor if elected.
Chair’s report:
Much of the Chair’s report had been distributed by email, with the agenda.  John read this to the body, as follows:
“Recruiting PCOs and precinct-level organizing has been the 8th LDDO’s number one focus in 2015-2016.  The tremendous participation in this spring’s Democratic Party caucuses and conventions gives us a great opportunity to organize more precincts.  We are grateful to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the other exciting candidates for the Party’s nomination for the ideas, hope, and inspiration they have brought us!
Currently we have PCOs serving in 41 of the 175 precincts of the 8th LD.  Democrats living in six more, eager to serve, came to our May 16th local party meetings at the Laborers’ Hall, but the County Chair did not make any appointments at that meeting.  The 8thLDDO’s PCO/precincts organizing team will recruit and train willing individuals as lead Democratic Party organizers of precincts where there is no PCO, whether or not they receive appointment as PCOs.  Prime candidates include the six people who came to last month’s meeting, half a dozen more who signed up during last month’s filing week to run as PCO in precincts that are currently vacant, the 8th LD’s delegates and alternates to the State Convention, and the thousands of Democrats from the 8th LD who attended their precinct caucuses. 
Many of our new PCOs and precinct organizers have asked for help in understanding the role of a PCO and learning how to canvass their precincts and use VoteBuilder, and have been promised training.  The 8th LDDO’s PCO/precincts organizing team will conduct a training workshop 9:00 AM-Noon, Saturday, June 25.  Mark your calendar!”
Doug McKinley offered a suggestion concerning the 8th LDDO’s endorsements process, that we conduct a substantial, time-consuming deliberations only in cases when there are two Democrats competing for an office.  The 8th LDDO had adopted the following  motion at its last meeting, on May 16:  “The Chair will establish an endorsement committee to vet potential candidates that the 8th might endorse and report at the August meeting with a slate of recommended candidates for the 8th LD to endorse.”  It was moved that the 8th LDDO endorse Doug McKinley for Congress.  Lora Rathbone asked that we have Doug speak for his candidacy and he spoke briefly.  He was asked whether he was in favor of nuclear power and said it is probably the best option we have to effectively combat global warming and provide electricity.  The motion to endorse endorse Doug McKinley for Congress passed.
The Chair asked for volunteers to serve on the Endorsements Committee.  Skye White and Kate Moran volunteered and were appointed to the committee by the Chair.
Treasurer’s report:
Treasurer Kendall Miller reported that we have $2,004.22 in the bank.  We have a bill coming up for the use of the hall that we are actually reimburse the Benton County for $75.00 for the rest of the year.
The Treasurer moved that:
The 8th LD Democratic Organization adopt the following guideline as a continuing budget framework that will go into effect immediately and will remain in effect until it is amended or rescinded by the body.
The budget framework is indexed by the amount of donations the 8th LDDO receives. This motion authorizes the Chair to expend funds within this framework at the Chair’s discretion without prior approval by the body.
Reserves                                             20% of donations
Party Building Activities                 30% of donations
Candidate Support                          50% of donations
                Democratic candidates for 8th LD positions have first priority for this support. The apportionment of this support among multiple candidates shall be decided by the body during the election year. Should there be no Democratic candidates for an 8th LD position in a given election year, the body may allocate these funds to another candidate as it sees fit. Any candidate support funds not expended at the end of the election year go into the reserves.
8th LD Operational Expenses
                Hall Rental                          $12.50 per meeting
Operational expenses are paid out of accumulated reserves.
The body may authorize other expenditures out of accumulated reserves as it sees fit, but expenditures must be explicitly authorized by the body before they are incurred.
It was moved that the motion be amended by striking the words (of the second paragraph) “at the Chair’s discretion without prior approval by the body” and inserting “with the approval of one other E-Board member.”  This motion to amend passed and the Treasurer’s motion, with this amendment, passed.
It was moved to authorize the expenditure of $600 out of accumulated reserves for PCO/Precinct organizing activities.  ($400 – printing of fliers for doorbelling, $200 – rent and refreshments for two training workshops to be held within the next month).  It was moved that this motion be postponed to the next meeting.  Motion to postpone passed.
Election of Secretary:
Rhonda Hatlestad nominated Kate Moran for Secretary. Kate Moran was elected by a unanimous vote.
Next meeting will be on July 20th.
Motion made, seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.
These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Rhonda Hatlestad and are submitted by John Christenson, Chair.

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